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Thread: XL IQ Routes TTS* / 335 / 340S - 2GB Navcore

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    XL IQ Routes TTS* / 335 / 340S - 2GB Navcore

    Since last week i had problem with my tomtom. The touch screen was not responding to touches. After reading some posts that i might need to update the system. I by mistake updated it with Tomtom Home. Now, the tomtom is unable to recognize maps.

    1) Does anybody can point me which Navcore(Patched) should i use for my tomtom?

    On side note, i have very old maps (850), the conent of pna file are as follows


    2) What are the best maps for this product?

    Thanks in advance....


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    Re: XL IQ Routes TTS* / 335 / 340S - 2GB Navcore

    As you've been joined for a while, you'll probably now know that your tomtom 1st starts with your inbuilt bootloader which then looks for a Navcore or operating system, then looks for a map. This forum has a patched 9.465 navcore which will work on your tomtom as long as you follow the instructions. Then load one of the 900 maps for your region. Make sure it has a meta code listed with it and follow the map patching instructions.

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    Re: XL IQ Routes TTS* / 335 / 340S - 2GB Navcore

    Backup your device (copy paste onto your pc), then wipe it clean before proceeding.

    Here is the 9.465 navcore mentioned above:

    The latest Western and Central Europe v900 map is over 2GB, so it will no longer fit in your 2GB device. Instead, use one of the following full featured Europe maps, Western or Central, according to the coverage needed:

    Europe_West 900.4602 (1340MB):

    Europe_Central 900.4602 (1412MB):

    If you absolutely require both Western and Central Europe maps in the device at all times, then you'll have to settle for the smaller, less detailed maps such as the following:

    Europe_1GB_West 900.4608 (770MB):

    Europe Central 900.4600 (890MB):

    If you choose to have these 2 maps installed, then you can switch maps in the menu when required, according to your current location of course.

    Use the LATEST version of FastActivate to activate and patch everything:

    More information in the Tutorials section.
    TomTom Tutorials & FAQ
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