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Thread: GPS-QuickFix

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    Re: GPS-QuickFix

    Like the poster above asks, what problem is quick fix supposed to solve? I downloaded only, and the readme.txt has only a cryptic description. One of the functions I think is "Plug-in your TomTom to recover your DeviceID". Would the ttgo.bif (when connected to the computer) have the device info? It also says "Download the Ephemeris Files"; I have no idea what those are.

    I am just trying to see if GPS-QuickFix would be useful before installing.


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    Re: GPS-QuickFix

    quick gps is a list file containing all the satellites and their relevant positions so when your unit finds one satellite it will know which others are near it and looks for those instead of trying all the sats, it helps to get a position fix quicker.

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