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Thread: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

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    EasyUsertool by Hellboy

    Multipurpose application for TomTom devices

    Download at the following link :



    Activation map image above.

    Click the button to select the *. bif your device.
    The same ID gets you out of your device.
    Button is activated to select the map, click on it.
    Screen to ask you out that map you want to activate.
    Pinchas over the map that you have within the memory of your device, is viewed cline.dat, select your file.
    When I give you approval, you activate the button to activate the map, press up and wait for the box that tells you that the process is to done.
    In the box if the result really turned the map or an error occurred.

    Image below.

    *. dll patch , ttsystem file and / or pndnavigator

    Image below

    As patch . dll to display the device home with NavCore patched .

    Image below as you can turn the voices .

    . Activation maps, voices, radar, etc ...
    . Extraction of target maps, radar, etc ...
    . Download, install and use the Panasonic SD Formatter.
    . Download, install and use HDD Low Level Format Tool
    . Added start button to format utilities
    . Added possibility to erase the contents of a whole unit, for those who do not like format.
    . View space of the selected unit.
    . Download, install and uninstall a collection of radars for TomTom devices.
    . *. Dll patched the home, all that are installed on the PC.
    . Copy Map to device
    . Deletes device map
    . NavCore Copy to Device.
    . Create and Restore a Backup, using an internal method, this does not use an external application.
    . Create Backup and Restore Compressed with 7zip.
    . Convert *. zip file we created when the compressed backup file with 7zip SFX
    SFX files are self extracting compressed files do not need a decompressor to extract the contents.
    . Backup creates files directly into SFX with the possibility of using the EasyTools as an assistant to restore the selected backup file destination and SFX.
    . File compression ratio or *. 7z SFX-mx = 9: maximum compression level.
    . Detects whether the system is 64 or 32 bits suitable for use 7zip.
    . Download and Install TomTom Clear Flash and FlashEraser of ttuser.
    . Added option to change and creating the config.txt file of switchfiles.
    . Added download and installation of a collection of guide vocals.
    . Active Maps 5 and 6.
    . Create content copy file by file device.
    . Installing a Bootloader file library under construction. From 0.0001 to 8.0035
    . 0.0001 is the bootloader to download the Bootloader to the number you want to use.
    . Radar position updates.
    . Selective deletion of the contents of Gps.
    . Installation of *. dll for the Home.
    . Retrieves the number of file system, reporting the number of bootloader.
    . Improved method of downloading a new version, upgrade by itself easyusertool.
    . Added ability to rename maps to differentiate maps of the same name but different versions.
    In this way we distinguish the maps, when we change the map from the device.
    . Added ... Remove device from the PC safely.
    . Synch currentmap.dat, if you do not want to turn the device to create it.
    . Updated section radars.

    MAC users to use a virtual machine where you can put windows on this the easyusertool if it works .

    Developing ...

    You can now download and install any *. dll for the Home

    Let's start from scratch , delete the file ttgo.bif your device , turn it so that you create a new one .

    Download the latest version of easyusertool .

    Easyusertool Open , download , install *. dll Home .

    And following the procedure of the images .

    With the device connected to PC to edit the file you need ttgo.bif and not see the error of the home saying they are using a NavCore xxxx

    Select the dll , the device and click Install .

    Ttgo.bif select the file and click Open .

    Click on whether to open the Home , go to see the device .

    If everything went as it should see something similar to this image .

    You can install the dll file that you want.Work like the image above or will not do as below , depending on whether the selected dll is compatible with NavCore installed .

    8396.1914 NavCore I downloaded dsa original and modified for testing .

    Dll installed running of the NavCore 9160.5679

    Dll file that has not worked that of NavCore 9054

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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

    does this activate speed cameras too?
    does it patch ttsystem
    Does it patch tomtom home

    A little more clarification please

    Just had a little look at this it seems ok

    But can we have an english version please?
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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

    It is a project that had a little work left , will try out a version in English and explain everything that encompasses this utility .

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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

    Quote Originally Posted by ChillyCat View Post
    PLEASE direct us to a link to the AUTHORS work.

    Is the software posted on any other GPS sites ? links please
    This version is only posted in this forum and the creator before you go .

    Forgive me if I do not understand well I'm using the google translator .

    The sites had been closed .


    Greetings .
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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

    have to agree a version in english would make it very good.

    as it is it is very difficult to use
    Tomtom Go 520
    Navcore 8.351
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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

    I will do everything in my power to make adding multilanguage including English.

    Salu2 = Greetings

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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy

    El enlace esta caducado ??sería muy chungo reponerlo?
    Gracias y un saludo.

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    Re: EasyUsertool by Hellboy




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