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Thread: TT-activator for linux & MAC

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    Re: TT-activator for linux & MAC

    hi, is there also mac activator available for version 9 (tt9_mac)? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: TT-activator for linux & MAC

    Thanks, worked great!

    $ ~/bla/tt8_keygen Central_Europe_885_4058/ "AA1AB BJFT1" 8
    PNA Device ID detected

    Checking map path 'Central_Europe_885_4058/'

    Central_Europe.pna - present
    Cline.dat - present
    Cname.dat - present
    Cnode.dat - present
    Mapinfo.dat - OK
    Map file format version = 730
    Flag = 1
    Bitflags = -------- -*---*** *****-*-
    Target locked: (31°21'45"N, 15°1'40"W - 51°15'12"N, 14°10'0"E)
    Central_Europe-527.meta - present
    Central_Europe.pna - OK
    Version = 885
    Build = 4058
    Map ID = 751200681
    cline.dat - Size - OK
    Central_Europe-527.meta - Integrity check - OK

    Processing map path 'Central_Europe_885_4058/'

    'Central_Europe-527.meta.dct' - Device Certificate Created

    First check on the Linux box, in a backup dir gave `Can't open keyfile 'Meta.txt'` due to case sensitive filesystem.
    On vfat it worked without issue.
    If we can also activate other stuff (what?) on TT ONE XL then please!

    THANKS again.

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    Re: TT-activator for linux & MAC

    Is there any up to date tool for mac?

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    Re: TT-activator for linux & MAC

    Quote Originally Posted by antwuand View Post
    Is there any up to date tool for mac?
    Did you try to use Wine to run windows tools?

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    Re: TT-activator for linux & MAC

    Thanks for this great tool. Remember, it just creates the device certificate file. You need to patch the nav core too. I used the DSA tool for this. (Its coded in Java and also runs on Mac and Linux)

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    Re: TT-activator for linux & MAC

    Is there anyone out there that can help me get things rolling using my Mac? I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to get this to work. Cant seem to get the .rar files to run in my unrarx program so that I can use utorrent to download.
    I can update my Pioneer Avic z110bt each year no problem but this is like a foreign language to me.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Obviously this keygen is old but does anyone know if it will be updated?

    Sirfstar, I have been tinkering with wine but the keygens won't run, do you know what dependencies/programs they need when running?

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