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Thread: Network Rail Access points & Scotlands Structures list

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    Network Rail Access points & Scotlands Structures list

    Have been getting alot of requests for this from colleagues at work, hope it may help a few others out there based in the rail industry.

    There are two attachments,

    Network Rail access points - Coverage - UK, a full list of access points as detailed by Network Rail, works by searching for the ELR first.
    All credit goes to Network Rail as the developer of this poi, just a pity they don't keep it updated, it's also available for download via tomtom home.

    Scotlands Rail Structures -Coverage - Scotland only, a list of Network Rail owned structures i.e. bridges, culverts & tunnels, works by searching the three digit route number & a three digit structure number, e.g. route 1 & structure 1 would be searched as 001/001.
    These co-ordinates must have been established years ago as this attachment is only a couple of years old & alot of the structures are not exact, but for those who have searched all day for a culvert on the railway it certainly gets you in the ball park, DO NOT rely on this poi to get you exactly to a structure, it is suitable only for guidance.
    Unsure who gets the credit for converting the structure list into the tomtom attachment.
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