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Thread: tomtom truck europe speed cams

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    tomtom truck europe speed cams

    Can anyone please tell me which are the best european speed camera
    files for the latest tomtom truck map.
    Be most grateful.

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    Re: tomtom truck europe speed cams

    This is always a very hard one to answer. You go speeding around in your truck? Many countries announce where their speedcams are. Sadly France makes it illegal to have speedcams on devices. If you get stopped. Turn the unit off, they are not allowed to confiscate, nor force you to turn it on. In a truck cab, you should be reasonably safe

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    Re: tomtom truck europe speed cams

    nice answer but not quite the one I was after, forget the frogs, where can i get latest european speed camera files

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    Re: tomtom truck europe speed cams

    download the latest from the speedcam sticky h**p://
    •To activate these cameras, copy and paste the appropriate .ov2 and .ov2ver files into your map folder on your device or memory card, and use AutoActivate & FastActivate to activate them (or other keygen of your choice) , the same way as you activate a map.
    Works a treat.

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    Re: tomtom truck europe speed cams

    you are speeding with the truck be carfeful with "mossos de esquadra" "gendarme" policia estradale" brigada de transito"polizei" the new tacograph can tell a error of...the magnet...ok more info pm

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