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Thread: PGPSW mobile speedcams - accuracy ??

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    PGPSW mobile speedcams - accuracy ??

    Anyone else find the accuracy off the PGPSW mobile speed cams a bit suspect ?? out in a mates car earlier today who is running a tomtom with the very latest speed cam database and within our fairly large town it failed to detect even one off the usual seen most weeks over the course off several years mobile camera spots, the twice it did go off was at locations I can honestly say I have never personally seen a mobile camera situated, he has removed the pmobile cameras so these were so called confirmed mobile sitings ??!!

    I think the long term fixed gatso camera, red light camera and specs cameras warnings are superb but have to say our short test earlier today certainly showed the mobile camera warnings certainly dont seems to be that accurate around this area anyway.

    anyone else find this with mobile cameras within the PGPSW database ??

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    Re: PGPSW mobile speedcams - accuracy ??

    It was quite accurate (when I used it) in my area.
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    Re: PGPSW mobile speedcams - accuracy ??

    The latest version posted here is months out of date!

    If you are using a subscription copy you need to check that you have set up the audio alerts correctly as otherwise nothing will happen when you pass a camera

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    Re: PGPSW mobile speedcams - accuracy ??

    thanks for mobile cameras

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    Re: PGPSW mobile speedcams - accuracy ??

    As a verified spotter volunteer for the PGPSW database, they are as accurate as some of the others out there.

    They all rely on the likes of me to keep them up to date with 'spots' and sometimes they can be wrong, but like anything technology related, they are only as good as the information given to them to make them work.

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