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Thread: Absolute total novice requires help

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    Absolute total novice requires help

    Yes guys I need help from the start please
    OK I have a tt go 720 (4moo.oo2) version 8.351
    and i have been given a copy of tt truck on sd card
    i have inserted said card in relevant slot gone into menu manage maps it recognises the card but comes with "you cant use this map on this device western and centeral europe truck-78
    So i have no idea how to get this working as i have been told it does work on this model of tom tom
    I have read the posts and worked out i may need a navcore ?? this is beyond me as i have no idea of what it means or what to do with it or even which one to use
    if anyone could give me a step by step instruction i am sure i can muddle my way thro

    can any body help me this novice in how to get the card working if it is possible

    Many thanks in advance
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    Re: Absolute total novice requires help

    You need activated truck navcore to run a truck map ...
    rgds jarkita
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