First post on here.

I've just spent the entire day trying to download and install truck on my 740 live. And have now totally lost the will.

Got WinRAR and have managed a backup and reinstall using that, have the europe map it came with on the device drive, also have the UK map on the sd card (newer version than the Europe, one I bought 12 months ago and TT changed it so it whould run on the 740)

Just got totally lost in the downloading of the map, and the tools and what you need to do, along with downloading several programs of smiles that i didn't want. Thought I was literate enough to do this , but obviously not.

Its running version 9.058, and I'm looking to add the truck map to the SD card, have plenty of space as its a 8 gb and only have the UK map on there. Either need a luddite version of how to do it, or someone nr Chesterfield Derbys, that can help/do it for me

Here's hoping