Hi Folks

I have bought a GO630 got it fairly cheap, I have installed the truck software this morning thanks to this forum!! Many thanks for that. Now i have one or two questions.

Is there anyway to make use of the google local search? i have bluetooth pared my phone (iphone 4 running ios 4.3.3) and cant seem to get it working.

also i was wondering is there anyway to get to use the HD traffic i understand theres a subscription to pay thats not a problem ive just had the tt conected to tomtom home and tried to access live services but it say my device is not compatible - is there any tweaks to make it compatible? i know there is a ttgo630 traffic available im not really sure if thats what i have got im just going on what the label on the bottom says,

Hope you's can help me and thanks already for the knowlegde gained already with regards to the truck software :-)