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Thread: Hmmm truck nav tries sending me down very narrow road...???

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    Hmmm truck nav tries sending me down very narrow road...???

    Ok, Sorry for long post - I went to France last week traveling down to the the Dordogne. From the UK thru the tunnel and then onwards. Told my Go 710 I was in a truck, 38 foot long, 7.5 foot wide, 9 foot high (I'm towing a caravan). It worked great MOST of the time but on one particular journey between large towns it did the following. Took me off an "A" road (french motorway) onto an "N" road (main french road onto a "D" road which in France is a normal 2 way road connecting villages etc. Suddenly it told me to turn off onto a narrow road which I though was strange, then in about 100 yards it told me to turn right into what can only be described as "someones driveway" - a very very narrow track. Obviously and due to past tom tom issues I didnt turn down it but turned around at next chance and returned to the previous "N" road. Does anyone have an explanation for this odd routing on a truck unit? It knows I'm a truck as it always tells me about dead ends etc so whats the problem??? I'm using navcore 8.398 and 885 maps all updated with mapshare.
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