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Thread: TomTom Go 710 Truck navcores

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    TomTom Go 710 Truck navcores


    I have tried several of Truck navcores on 710 which can be found here in forum. Only one booted up. And after two weeks it got stuck when powering up on tomtom logo during trip

    What are your experiences ? Which versions do you use and maybe there are something when you do installing the navcore ?

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    Re: TomTom Go 710 Truck navcores

    Is it so hard to get TomTom truck to work on a Go 930T - no

    I have decided to use an SD card - so I do not need to change anything in my 930T

    Windows 7 64 bit

    4GB SDHC memory card

    Downloaded the following

    Navcore 8395 (1913) _Work-Truck_x10_XL
    Truck Map 845

    1. connect the 930T to your computer and take a safety copy via TomTom Home

    2. My TomTom is connected to my computer via the drive G: Go to the G drive - find ttgo file and copy it to a folder on your desk - will use it later

    3. copies the contents of Navcore 8395 (1913) to your 4GB card

    4. copy the folder Europe_TRUCK_845 to your 4GB card

    5. ttgo copies the file to your 4GB card

    6. open ENG_FastActivate and copies FastActivate to your 4GB card

    7. Find FastActivate on your 4GB card and double click so the program starts up - press Update meta.txt - then press maps / Voice / Speedcams -

    Now the card is ready to use !!

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