I have put the navcore 8.398 on my Go910 and almost everything runs fine with the Truck map Europe_TRUCK_865.3255.
The only problem that I do see right now is the TMC receiver.
When I put the Go910 onto the carholder, then it detects the TMC receiver and tries to find a radiostation.
He does this for ages. During my last vacation I tried it every day for hours in my RV and never got any traffic information.
I even tried to enter the frequency manually. After some minutes the device showed the message that there is nor radiostation on this frequency.
To check if TMC information is available, I tried a TomTom Go Live from a friend in my car and it worked after some minutes perfectly :-((

Does anyone else have that problem or does anybody know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance and keep up this good forum!