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Thread: 7 simple steps to update your device with the latest map

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    7 simple steps to update your device with the latest map

    To update your device with the latest map, follow these simple steps:

    1) VERY IMPORTANT: Connect your device to your computer via USB. Using Windows Explorer, open your TomTom drive and backup the complete contents of your TomTom.

    2) Check your navcore version. You can do this either on the device menu under Version Info, or you can check the navcore version in TomTom Home when the device is connected to your computer, or by opening the ttgo.bif file with notepad.

    3) Check which map is compatible with your navcore using the latest compatibility chart here:

    Compatible Chart v915 Maps by ingazu

    4) Delete the old map folder.

    5) Go to the v915 Map Thread Finder: Map Thread Finder - Tomtom v915 Maps
    Extract the map using WinRaR or similar. Copy across the new map folder into the root of the device. Make sure when you open the map folder it only contains the map files, not another folder within a folder.

    6) Download the latest version of FastActivate from the FastActivate thread:


    Extract the file and copy across FastActivate.exe to the TomTom drive (the root of the device).

    7) Run FastActivate.exe from the TomTom drive, clicking on the first 3 options in order, waiting for each to complete:
    Update meta, patch maps, patch navcore.
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