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Thread: activating voices on android

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    activating voices on android

    Hi is there anyone knows how to activate voices on tomtom navigation on android? its not just like to copy and it didnt work i can choose the copyed voice but cant get that voice. Have activate and tryed to use the fastactivate and its not working as it ask after *.bif files which is not located in mobile.

    pls help me and if anyone have any solutions on that pls let me know.


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    Re: activating voices on android

    1 - nobody's know
    2 - if you use "patching tool" for voices - have you patched navcore itself first?

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    Re: activating voices on android

    Yes i as mentioned used the normal activation tool but asks after *.bif files which is not located. I dnt know but it seems that they use *.dat files instead of that. and i havent found any pacher yet for that activation on android.

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    Re: activating voices on android

    you'd better try to use any free voice first - I'm not sure it will be accepted.

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    Re: activating voices on android

    I have TT GO 730 with the latest maps installed and use some custom voices (downloaded using TT Home).
    Those voice I can use now in TT Android Europe 1.1.1 English version.
    Pretty sure you can use them in other versions and maps as well.

    You can try to do following:
    1. Download TT Android appl with map and open metadata.xml using Notepad and change text to <size>0</size> inside the file.
    2. Copy all the content to your phone sdcard or phone internal memory where TT Android Navigation software application will be installed from. Install TT Android apl.
    3. Run TT Android from your android phone to make sure if everything is OK. Shut down software.
    4. Now connect you TT device whatever you have (XL, GO etc) to PC. Go to Voices folder and copy files you like for example data111.chk and data111.vif to your android phone TT Android Voices folder.
    data111 files are Juan Pablo Montoya - English voice used in TT devices.
    5. Start TT Android software. If everything is OK, the software should load itself and load a map. Chose your desired voice from Settings/Voices.

    6. If TT Android wont start, try to delete "raster" folder from \yourphone\Card\tomtom\\files\
    7. If it will not help again, open data111.vif using Notepad and you should see following:

    Change it to and save the file:
    Juan Pablo Montoya  English

    Please note!!! The code in data***.vif file differs for every each voice you desire to use. For a different language the code must be used different
    Here is explanation, how to change .vif file for the custom voices - Create Your Own Content Guide

    This way I used for my SG-S2 TT Android Europe English 1.1.1 and got working all the desired voices.

    Good luck!

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    Re: activating voices on android

    Your directions regarding the .vif helped me get many voices working in android.

    My question is how does one get premium voices to work?
    How does one use the metadata with the android version?
    Thanks in Advance

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