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Thread: Toyota Touch & Go

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    I have downloaded the last version of maps june 2012 but the system is asking for activation code
    someone any idee where we can find it???

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    You need to buy it from toyota itself, it looks like the system is based on Igo Amigo and this system uses a License file.

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    Hi All
    I bought a new Toyota Auris 2weeks ago and it comes with the Touch and Go screen but without navigation&maps included in.
    There is already a button to start the navigation mode. Here is the system I refer:
    Toyota Auris Gasolina, Diésel y Auris hybrid – Coches y Automóviles Toyota
    Obviously the system tells you that no nvigation is installed when button is pushed.
    Toyota says that installation costs around 600€ (what!?) and they ensure that no hardware is needed. Only a software installation. So I guess that gps receiver is already prepared.
    Touch and Go manual says that equipment istalled is a Harman Automotive.
    I look down to the sit and no DVD or any device inside. I even look behind the screen and no additional devices, only several cables.
    The screen has a CD reader (DVD as well?) and a USB port.
    How can I get the Navigation system? Does the TNS310 works?
    I tried to burn a TNS310 2011-2012 on a Verbatim DVD-R DL but no success. I may confess that not followed advises of DVD writer, speed, booktype, etc. at all.

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    Hi all
    I got a Toyota Auris 2 weeks ago latest generation in Spain with the touch and go system, without Navigator installed. Toyota people told me that system is already prepared with the hardware and I only need a software installation. This cost over 500€!. The system has a CD reader and USB port and a key for Navigation (obviously when pushed screen tells you that navigator is not installed). I saw in several forums that quite a lot of DVDs are available to install it depending of your system (TNS310,etc.). I have read in the manual that Harman equipment is installed.
    Someone knows which system the touch and go has? Which kind of DVD I need to install navigator&maps? Just to write a DVD+R DL and put it in the CD reader or may I look another place to install it (behind the screen, etc.)? I have a LG GSA-4167B writer latest firmware (recently updated).
    Appreciate the help!

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    No way to activate navigation without dealer.
    And believe me - 500 Euro is not too much for in-car installed navigation system.

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    Has no sense. You can buy a portable gps for 150€ and toyota takes 500!?
    The only advantage is to have it integrated. I guess that it is a matter of time. More touch & go more people interested un.

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    Quote Originally Posted by Munzi View Post
    Toyota says that installation costs around 600€ (what!?) and they ensure that no hardware is needed.
    They are wrong. To convert Toyota Touch to Touch and Go - e.g. Navigation, you need to buy additional Hardware - Navigation Module.
    Installation instructions are downloadable on in section "accesories installation manuals. "
    There are two variants of navigation modules available (ordering codes):
    PZ490-00331-00 - converts your system to Toyota Touch & Go
    PZ490-00332-00 - converts your system to Toyota Touch & Go Plus
    The difference between them can be found here: Toyota Touch & Go | Owners Info | Toyota UK

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    nobody find yet a solution to update the maps ??

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    is there nobody who has a solution to update touch&go

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    Re: Toyota Touch & Go

    For free you can go up to 1.7.8 or 1.7.9

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