Hi, my name is Ali and I really appreaciate your help in advance because my system been like this for a long time.

Starting from the recent point: After contacting the MANUFACTURER of my unit, they sent me a restore code that can be entered only using the unit remote control. The code is CLK + 1 + 3 + 5 + SETUP. Nothing happened except the volume went up.

What's wrong:
When I start up the unit, it loads fine and I can navigate through most of the apps such as DVD, Bluetooth, INPUT, Back view Camera, and Radio (they all work fine), but when it comes to USB and GPS functionality, it shows me an error message in Chinese language. (pictures attached)

Here’s what I did:
I used an app called FileManCE to access the WinCE trying to change the boot screen. I couldn’t because the WinCE language is Chinese so I just gave up. I noticed that there are two partitions called residentflash and residentflash2. I copied resident partition to my USB (all went well) and while copying partition residentflash2, I got an error message in Chinese with two choices. Since I didn’t know what to click, I just turned off the unit and unplugged the USB flash drive. When I restarted the unit again, a message popped up (that I can’t read) with two choices and whichever I clicked the page freezes but pressing the menu button takes me back to the main menu (home screen).
Again, I can use the other application but if I click on GPS, it takes me back to the frozen window. When I click the USB, it just does nothing, unlike before; it would launch the music player.

Let me know if you need more info.

Don't know the WINCE version
Resolution 480 X 234

One more thing: I started messing with the remote control and decided to enter CLK 1355 instead of CLK + 1 + 3 + 5 + SETUP. After pressing number 5, AVH-9100M shows at the bottom left corner of the screen and once I enter the second 5 the whole system kinda reset and displays the welcome screen and says UP ARM and freezes there. I can still navigate to the other working apps but USB still not clickable and GPS will take me back to the frozen screen. Turning the unit off and on will just takes the unit back to it's original error message.

please see pics.

JENSOR AVH-9122N COROLLA 2009 problem-dsc07918.jpg

JENSOR AVH-9122N COROLLA 2009 problem-untitled2.jpg