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    Tns 350

    I live in the UK and have a iQ2. The car came with the Tns 510, which has a few failings in that it doesn't have road speed information and speed camera" I have seen on the net the Tns 350 which is a kind of updated version albeit without a CD player built in. I purchased a Tns 350 with SD card for Europe. Looking at the Tech Doc's, it shows a converter lead of the harness which I also bought. The unit installed physically fine, but doesn't boot up and displays the message " A program cannot be run" My understanding is that, on connection and ignition is switched on, the unit looks at the SD card and looks at the "" file and the screen changes to a blue SD card logo with a progress bar and text saying not to switch off. When its loaded the program is in memory and is held there by a live memory power feed. The unit then looks again at the SD card for map and other information and all is well. So either the unit is faulty or the SD card is corrupt in particular the file. On my Tns 510 SD card I copied the kiwi file onto a blank card and was able to boot the 510 from that and just replace the card for the original card for the maps etc. I do not have another kiwi file from a tns 350 to try. I have copied the file from the card which came with the unit and it doesn't work, but then again it may be corrupt. The other thing is again my understanding is that the Tns 350 was made for the market in Ireland could it be that its not compatible with a UK iQ. From all the info on the net and the video's that show it in an iQ it doesn't say for the Irish market only and I would have thought it would have been a small market to have manufactured a unit for Ireland only. Having spoken to 5 UK dealers they say that they have never seen a 350 in any of their dealerships. So my question to you all is, Does anyone have one of these in the UK or Europe and Could anyone link me to a download of the 25mb kiwi file or if you have one could you copy the file and make it available for me to try..

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