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Thread: MS4400 postcode problems

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    MS4400 postcode problems

    Hi Guys

    Back in August I downloaded the new maps for my MS4400 I have been using the new maps sucessfully but have been experiencing with selecting the destination by post code. I know on the previous version of the maps you only had a limited number of digits you could enter in the post code but on these maps I seem to be able to entre more digits but the actual individual digits are not on the screen to select where as other are. For example I can select LN1 2 but then when I come to select the next digit I only have the choice of H and D when I actually want P.

    Could this be a problem with data not being burned properly to the disk, I seem to remember when I burnt the disk it asked me to insert another disk as if the first one was full, but when I tried it in the system everything at that time appeared to be working and there didn't seem a logical reason why it wouldn't all fit onto one disk (the original disk was 1 disk).

    I've also tried this through the trip info to enter the GB post code but its the same there.

    Any ideas


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    Re: MS4400 postcode problems

    Your entry is limited to 4 digits only
    That has always been the same
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