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Thread: PC5200 won't update to Europe 2012/2013 please help !

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    PC5200 won't update to Europe 2012/2013 please help !

    Hello guys !

    I hope someone can help me out. I have a PC5200 and last year I updated the map to Navteq Europa 2011/2012 (I downloaded here) and everything went fine.
    Now I tried to update the map to 2012/2013 (also downloaded here) but a few minutes after I insert the SD Card, the complete unit freezes (to restart it again I have to disconnect power).
    I tried a few different SD Cards (even the one that worked with 2011/2012) but still no effect.

    I'm running OS 2.80 and also tried to update to 2.90 but nothing happens (decompressed it with Winrar).

    Thanks !
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    Re: PC5200 won't update to Europe 2012/2013 please help !

    update to 2.90 is highly recommended, however it is not a requirement for new maps. regarding the update I don't know if you followed the rules strictly, but you should have nothing else on the sdcard only the update files all in the main folder called VDOdayton (which is in the firmware archive) and you should insert the card into slot #2 (right hand side) otherwise the update wont be offered.

    os2.80 is known to be jammed or frozen if there are 'too many' tmc messages are coming in

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    Re: PC5200 won't update to Europe 2012/2013 please help !

    Here is a link to the instructions regarding firmware updates on the PC5200.
    Very important is that you first accept the navigation disclaimer before you enter the firmware SD card in slot #2. (I overlooked that twice )

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