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Thread: Problem with PC5400

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    Problem with PC5400

    Hi, I'm sorry about posting here, but i have a problem with a gps pc 5400 and I cannot start a new thread since I'm new here.
    So here is the problem:

    my father in law bought a pc 5400 a couple of years ago, and yesterday he started to install the gps in his truck.
    soon he realized that the gps is locked here in Portugal.

    It keeps saying it's not activated for this country and to contact to activate.

    Then I found this forum when I was searching for some reset tool and firmware.

    What can I do to solve this problem.

    The fw is 9.57(I think) we just have several cds with maps from 2006, the gps has a code allready.

    I got a new supercode, but with these cds its invalid.

    help please

    thanks and again I'm sorry about posting here

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    Problem with PC5400

    Welcome on this forum

    Please remember that joining another thread that has absolutely no relation to your problem is not exactly helpfull
    Neither is it a problem tom start a new thread!

    The older cd's are useless now since the C-IQ system was discontinued

    Downlaod a Supercode cd and burn it to cd
    Start the navigation and make sure you have a position
    Insert the supercode cd
    Go to the c-iq menu and enter the 16 digit supercode

    After accepting the code you can use your navigation with any supercode cd
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