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Thread: Skoda Columbus Questions

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    Skoda Columbus Questions

    sorry maybe this question should not be placed here but:
    I am one of the lucky guys who woke up and find out that almost everything what can be take out in a short time really was taken out of the car.
    navigation, airbags and.. wel some stuff whats left behind in the car. The strange part: I have a wonderful alarm on my skoda superb.. wel seems those guys found out a other way to brake in.
    My question:
    I got back a navigation and the rest. All delivered and installed by official dealer. But strange: got now maps V3 and the hidden menu not visible so don't know the latest firmware. on my central display only two menu items nothing about the navigation or telephone or radio.
    so: please let me know the latest firmware for Skoda columbus. I can let it fix at the dealer. ( I would be looking a litle smarter when knowing about the last versions) I just downloaded the last map version.. V8 seems working fine. Is there any extra I should know about the voice control? When I use the button The lady keep saying use help ...seems my microphone is not working. Ahh and how do I get my hidden menu back?

    thanks in advance

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    Skoda Columbus Questions

    Ask the dealer to release Channel 37 to enable the menu again
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