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Thread: RNS310 firmware upgrade procedure?

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    RNS310 firmware upgrade procedure?

    Hello does anybody know and will share with us the upgrade procedure of firmware for RNS310?
    I have FW ver 0227 and the phone function does not work.
    I think that it's time this secret should go public.

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    Re: RNS310 firmware upgrade procedure?

    Hey guys, i got a similar problem question like jbravo78.

    I've got a Seat Leon Cupra R310. It has a bluetooth module, which only works as a hands-free phone system. I also wanted bluetooth to work for streaming music.

    I had installed the following Firmware:
    System Hardware-Version: H15
    0227: 2009-07-06 17:00

    And I updated the Firmware to Version 0351: 2010-02-09 13:00

    I successfully installed the Firmware, but as I saw later, that was a mistake. I can't even choose Bluetooth now anymore on the screen.
    After that, i thought installing the latest Firmware (0357) would be solving the problem. I put the firmware-cd into the tray, but while asking me if I want to install the firmware, there stould the following: "CD Software Version: KD01: 2000-00-00 00:00, would you like to start the installation?".

    Because of this strange numbers i did NOT do the update.

    One more problem than the not working Bluetooth I now have an issue in the navigation-service. The position is not the right one -> I can't use my navigation anymore.

    Now my question; how can i downgrade or upgrade to a functioning Navigation / Bluetooth?

    If you need any more information let me please know!

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