Hi guys,

I have downloaded and burned the v10 maps, using ihas drive with imgburn to high quality dl disc. The problem i have is I can put the disc into my 2012 golf r and it works perfect and loads onto hard drive, but when I put the disc into my RNS510 I have fitted into my caddy it reads ok and starts to download to the hard drive but after an hour or so it ejects and says DVD error. I have updated the firmware to 5238 modified but it is still the same.
I know the hard drive is ok because I can load the "copy" v9 maps that came with the unit no problem.
I just can't understand how the disc I burned works on one unit and not my other. My golf has RNS510 D and the caddy is a C unit.

Can anyone please help as this is really scratching my head.

Thanks in advance guys