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Offer: InstantNav / RadioNav europe map 2017

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  • Offer: InstantNav / RadioNav europe map 2017

    I can offer to everybody last official 2017 map update update for 70 Euro - if somebody want - please contact PM.
    Pay by Paypall.

    Map is ready to download from my onedrive disc, unpack and copy to 8GB SD card.

    With link to download you'll get activation code - to generate it i need System Serial Code / Device ID. How to get it??
    • Turn on the navigator.
    • Press the Menu button of the navigation system.
    • Select “Configuration” (on the right side) and press the control knob.
    • Select “SD Card Management” (at the bottom) menu and press the control knob.
    • Select “System Serial Number”, press the control knob and note the 11 alphanumeric characters displayed. It looks like: xxx xxx xxx xx

    FIAT Bravo (from Jun/2009)
    FIAT Nuova Croma (from Jun/2009)
    ALFA Giuletta (from 2010)
    ALFA Mito (from Jan/2009)
    ALFA Brera (from 01/2009)
    ALFA Spider (from Oct/2009)
    ALFA 159 (from Nov/2009)
    LANCIA Delta (from Oct/2008) - for Lancia Delta software release 1.18.00 or higher is needed to work with this map. How to check it??

    • Turn on the navigator
    • Press the MENU key, holding it down for more than 2-3 seconds.
    • Select "System info".
    • Select "System description".
    • Software release is shown under the heading "System software". It looks like: 1.xx.xx