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PMD-B200P crash problem

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  • PMD-B200P crash problem

    I have a PMD-B200P with latest firmware ( along with the IVA-W205R head unit.

    The GPS works fine for 15-30 to 45 mins and then crashes with a
    Fatal Application Error
    and following message :
    Application Alpinenavi.exe has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.

    Program: Alpinenavi.exe
    Exception: 0xc0000005
    Address: 0x0003c088
    (Address changes every time).

    After contacting vendor, I was relayed this information from Alpine:
    "Bluetooth functionality on PMD-B200P can cause instability / crashes. Adding a KCE-BT400 module should fix the problem."

    My vendor had no choice but to install for free this extra bluetooth module.

    I now have IVA-W205R+PMD-B200P-+KCE-BT400 setup and I have disabled bluetooth on the PMD but no effect: the crashes go on !

    The crash.txt shows that at every crash, FreeMemory is down to 0.
    What do you think possible causes can be?
    • Faulty RAM ?
    • Memory leak ?? (in which case other people should have the same pb)
    • other hints ???

    Extract of crash.txt :
    ------------------ Crash Log Begin -------------------
    Current System time: "2010-05-20 17:20:29"
    Build:	Built @ Jul 28 2009 - 19:27:01
    Memory Stats:
    	FreeMemory: 0 MB, 40 KB, 0 B
    	TotalUseableMemory: 29 MB, 828 KB, 0 B
    	MaxMemory: 132 MB, 0 KB, 0 B
    	ReservedMemory: 4 MB, 0 KB, 0 B
    	ActualCacheSize: 10 MB, 287 KB, 313 B
    	GarbageSize: 8 MB, 287 KB, 764 B
    Exception:	0xc0000005
    At address:	0x0003c088
    Access violation reading address:	0x4927daa0
    0x0003c088		(A)
    WinCE CallStack snapshot (function names unknown - map file \FlashDrive\Alpine\ not found):
    ------------------- Crash Log End --------------------
    These GPS crashes allways happen when I need the GPS the most !

    Thanks for you help.

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    Re: PMD-B200P crash problem

    I finally shipped the unit back to the manufacturer and got a new one in exchange. The new one works fine.

    Was it bad hardware ? who knows ...

    This thread is not necessary anymore.