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VW RNS510 Map Compatible with Audi ?

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  • VW RNS510 Map Compatible with Audi ?

    There are Audi A3 imported with Navigation installed at factory.

    Since Audi is part of VAG, are the DVD map from VW compatible for the Audi nav system ?

    How can they obtain local maps for these cars ?

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    Re: VW RNS510 Map Compatible with Audi ?

    i dont thinks so, audi uses a different navi system then vw.
    usually its mmi2g/ mmi3G or RNS-E, the maps dvd for these systems is different than the ones used in vw that use rns 310 and RNS 510 systems.
    also keep in mind that the rns 510 and rns 310 are beeing used in seat/ skoda olsa.

    thanks to Gazo you can find the system installed in your car by checking the link provided in followint thread.
    once you know what system you have check for the map version that you need, burn this according to the instructions metnioned in several posts in this forum.