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BMW 2010-1 speed cams

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  • BMW 2010-1 speed cams


    Can anyone submit a tutorial how to add speed cams for BMW 2010-1 HIGH disc?
    I tried with the tutorials for 2007 but when I navigate to the information menu, there is no general destinations or when i select info on location/city a blank screen comes up.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: BMW 2010-1 speed cams

    first you must download from somewhere the tpd folder ( nccBeuFNM_eu_20090916) open the high 2010 image and just add the files from the new same folder to the image you want to burn with one by one method (not replace just add) i have the file but i cannot upload it. google it! and whene you go to the information menu in travel section you will see last category Called SPEEDCAMS.

    burn the image with magic iso or power iso in lowest speed in a dvd 9 dual layer mode 1.

    or else you can delete from the iso some languages example the german or france in order to feet in a single layer DVD5 with the same method . trust me it's a way faster for reading on mk4


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      Re: BMW 2010-1 speed cams

      i find the file for you.
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        Re: BMW 2010-1 speed cams

        is it the same way for 2010 PRO ?
        somebody can tell me the date of the speedcam ?
        recent or olders one?


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          Does someone have an already prepared iso file?
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            Re: BMW 2010-1 speed cams

            well, i have it. the next answer to a question "will you upload it to share-xy". no, i can not. just to clearify my prevoius (deleted) post.


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              Re: BMW 2010-1 speed cams

              Got here an newer 2010 Speedcam tpd map, only now my ISO is instead of 3,37gb now 3,69gb... and it does'nt fit an normal DVD+r...
              Can i remove safely some files? Wich ones?
              Can i burn it on DVD+r Dual Layer?


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                Re: BMW 2010-1 speed cams

                A normal DVD5 will easily hold 4.7 Gb of data
                So there is no real problem with 3.69

                On the other hand it is impossible that you only have 3.69 Gb data since the database only already contains 3.5 Gb

                If you want to reduce the size you can safely remove all non-English language sections from the TPD directory
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                  Re: BMW 2010-1 speed cams

                  Excuse me i meaned 4.37 and 4.69...
                  And there is only english...

                  Here this is the file;
                  BMW Professional Europe 2010 Edition Full POI Upgrade
                  I convert the Basic 2010 Edition to Full.
                  First added a submenu "Speedcameras Europe" to Travel menu which contains all the European SpeedCameras.
                  Second in the bottom a new menu "Safety" added with two submenus "Redlight Europe" and "SpeedCams Europe".
                  Third added all the menus from the BMW DVD 2009-2 to 2010 Basic, and all the information for POI's have been updated.
                  Now all the icons is working (no blue circle).
                  To install just open the image of "BMW Basic 2010 Edition" with o program like PowerISO or UltraISO, delete the existing "tpd" folder and replace it with the new one "TPD" folder, 
                  then burn the new image with a program like NERO ROM (i prefer) in a good DVD+DL (like TDK or Verbatim).
                  Download link:
                  If password needed: lalas
                  Howto do the iDrive itself;
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                    Re: BMW 2010-1 speed cams

                    Since this thread commenced with the High edition, you are not only confusing yourself but what's worse, others of which I am one
                    You never mentioned that you are now suddenly referring to a Professional Basic POI Edition

                    So edit your posts and find a proper thread please
                    All questions should be directed through the forum
                    Private messages will be disregarded