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  • Dumies guide

    Hi I bought a new Chinese double din. Runs windows ce 5.0

    came with route 66 and works fine.

    I want to change it for another software. Possibly tomtom

    can anyone guide me on how to change it to tomtom. With d/l links if possible.

    The software of route 66 is on a sd card.

    I need uk maps aswell.

    Will I need to connect my double din to my pc? Or is it straight copying files from pc to sd card

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    Re: Dumies guide

    Just copy files from PC to sd.
    1. run tomtom from gps. follow instruction untill cannot find server.
    2. remove sd, put on pc, look for 'ttnavigator.bif'
    3. open 'ttnavigator.bif' with notepad. look for DeviceUniqueID=1234567890
    4. copy the 1234567890 to your tt keygen...

    good luck.


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      Re: Dumies guide

      Okay i think i get this.
      But which version do i need?
      Theres so many tomtoms. A link will be appreciated. ALl i keep reading is i need v6.2
      I am guessing its TomTom mobile 6.2?
      If this is so... i just download it....put it on SD card. Run it on doubke din. Back on lapptop. Edit the file. Run TT keygen. N put it back in right?

      Another questuion. Why are the maps, voices POI all seperate files? n where do i put these files? Root folder?


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        Re: Dumies guide

        Put ur map in My Documents folder and the rest in Tomtom.

        This is the latest meta.txt:
        ; Malaysia_Singapore_845_2652
        94 59 33 F1 DD ED DD E3 E2 8E 9A C8 A0 A6 FC 46 Malaysia_Singapore-130.meta

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          Re: Dumies guide

          If all i need to do is follow thoes steps previously whats the meta thing you posted above?
          I live in the UK.
          What do i do with this meta file?


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            Re: Dumies guide

            Download the meta.txt from as u need when tt.keygen.
            Btw u need to download ur map too. Get ur-country.845 as its believed to be latest.


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              Re: Dumies guide

              but in the end you must use only 6.xxxx maps or you may use 8.xxxx maps too?