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    Satnav DVD versions

    Every year in around September Honda releases a new DVD with updated maps and firmware for the satnav. These discs are sold by Honda dealers and are quite expensive.

    If you put a new DVD in your car, the firmware is automatically updated to match the new disc. If you then insert an older disc it will error, and you will need to revert the firmware off the old disc, via the service menu.

    The new 06/07 DVD comes in two flavours - the 3.03, 3.05 and 3.06. They contain the same map data (as can be seen below), but the 3.03 has no firmware upgrade files, so cannot be used on a car with an existing disc of version less than 3.03.

    3.06 has new firmware only, but nothing seems to have changed (the obvious errors where the fast route can still be the slowest route are still there).

    The dual layer DVD contains no copy protection, but of course it is illegal to copy the disc.

    The -08 disc is version 3.22 and contains 2 discs. This had faulty firmware which displayed TMC events incorrectly. It was quickly replaced with 3.23 which had the same maps and fixed firmware.

    The -09 disc is 3.31. This has updated maps and POIs, and new HFT software which is used only by 09 cars.

    The -10 disc is 3.40. The large map files (*.BAS) are dated 13th May 2009, and the most recent BIN files are dated 6th July 2009. It comes on two DVDs, disk labels APN2-6A105 (west) and APN3-6A105 (east). It was first spotted in 10MY cars from about 1st October 2009 onwards.

    [source: DVD disk faces]

    "Europe-West: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal (inc Madeira), San Marino, Spain (inc Canary Islands), Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City 2009-2010 APN2-6A105 Ver 3.40 made in Japan"

    "Europe-East: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City 2009-2010 APN3-6A105 Ver 3.40 made in Japan"
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