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BECKER MAP PILOT Europa 2018 V16.0 [Q2.2017]

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    Any chance to bring back the files online?
    ... all offline at the moment.
    uploaded and share-online welcome

    Want to get my M013 back on track.
    Thanks in advance.



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      Originally posted by codeman View Post
      Want to get my M013 back on track.
      Thanks in advance.
      Try it
      Please think of others, stay in seed

      nana974 - Oumpah-Pah
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        Originally posted by boxer2 View Post
        BECKER MAP PILOT Europa 2018 V16.0 [Q2.2017]

        ALL IN ONE - Update !?

        Including Becker MAP PILOT Software + Danger Zone Warner Europe September 2017 + Funny voice: Darth Vader (ger) + Tunnel Sight Pro

        THANKS TO musa52

        The update also works on 4GB BMP models,
        - in connection with the "old" and "new" Becker MAP PILOT's.

        The update is compatible with Audio 20 and Audio 15 radio systems.

        Europe map package 2018 V16.0 (Q2 / 2017)
        - Date of publication: February 2018
        -------------------------------------------------- ---
        The map data and extension (s) from the download? ONLY work in conjunction with the already modified ID in the download ,? SO NOT WITH YOUR OWN !!!

        Updates work WITHOUT "changing the firmware"!
        -------------------------------------------------- ------------
        The instruction:
        The map data and extension (s) from the download
        ONLY work in conjunction with the ID already modified in the download,

        Delete BMP completely (ONLY delete, NOT format)
        Extract file archive to the computer (with, for example, WINRAR, NOT with JDownloader).

        ALL of the folders and files ("APD", "MapRegionsPSF50", "Navi", "device.xml", etc.) contained therein are copied directly to the BMP via Windows Explorer or another file explorer.

        Only with BMP with 4GB memory:
        Copy APD, MapRegionsPSF50 and Navi to the SD and all the rest to the Becker Map Pilot)
        !! A list of supported SD cards can be found at the end of this file!


        As a precaution, check the BMP still connected to the computer to see if the write protection for the files "device.xml" and "device.xmlt" exists.

        If not reset the write protection !!!

        Then properly eject the medium before putting the BMP in the car.


        ================================================== ==========================
        The instructions for the old BMP models:

        It also works with the "old models" (9077, BE 9077, M013, M041, M045, M046, M050 and M051), but only with a little trick.

        Take the BeckerMap Pilot v14 package and exchange the following data or folders with those from the V16 package:

        1) Navcore.apd in APD / Software
        2) MapRegionsPSF50 (complete folder)
        3) licenses (complete folders) in Navi
        4) AutoRun.exe, device.sig, device.xml, device.xmlt, DeviceInfo.xml in root directory
        5) Content of CLM in the root directory
        6) Check if the write protection for the files "device.xml" and "device.xmlt" exists.

        hoster: uploaded
        use winrar V 5.50

        use this for model:
        M054, M075, M076, M083, M084, M085, M092 und M097

        use this for old model:

        M013, M041, M045, M046, M050 und M051
        no works links.Can you reupload please??'


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          @ marsu_nad
          Why don't you use the link nana974 gave you above ?
          Your download will be faster than any uploaded and share-online links.
          Just register it's free.


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            Hi, Türke?????


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              speedcam work
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                There appear new version 17 allready


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                  on my M013 does not work
                  appears in the "unlock code is available"
                  I have done all the steps described
                  someone can help me?