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New comand aps v. 12.0 is out!

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  • New comand aps v. 12.0 is out!

    I have heard that new europe comand aps v. 12 is out!
    part number
    A 169 827 74 59

    New V12.0 2010/2011 version (A169 827 74 59 Released May 2010)!!!

    Already out...somebody already buy it?
    Somebody find it on torents/rapidshare?

    I find it here but they sell it...i like when is free

    What is the point of asking for an upload of a brand new edition?
    If somebody has the DVD and is willing to share it he will surely upload it, with or without your plea!
    If he has it and does not want to share it, your appeal will certainly not help to persuade him. The contrary

    And then there is people around that have it and don't come to this website

    Alas, your request is pointless and a wast of time
    Last edited by gazo; 8th June 2010, 13:59.