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Need Kia Carnival solution maps or unlocked,please

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  • Need Kia Carnival solution maps or unlocked,please

    I have a Kia Carnival with oem gps LAN-8660EK and i need update the maps.I think what i have now is from 2007 very old, and i dont find nothing about this navigator.
    Somebody have experience with this piece of
    Thanks and good forum.

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    Re: Need Kia Carnival solution maps or unlocked,please

    Hi guys.. i have about same problem with a after market infotainment system LG LAN 9600R.. the Kia 2007-2008 medels use a LAN 8660 GPS system witch it is a LG almost same as mine.
    My problem is a bit bigger means i dont have a maps CD/DVD at all and i cant use it (GPS part) I whould love to have some maps at least to test it to see if it works and to figure oit out about what kind of files it try to convert some other GPS type to it. My model dont have a SD card or else it has to be a CD or DVD for use it with that old (i know it is old, but please help me if you can).. or some one can tell me if i can change the OS so i can use newest maps and systems. I belive it have a SD Card inside to main unit..witch i can remove and replace (i think).. any way here are the data i have for :
    CPU ...SPC6200CVR400B
    OS.... QNX v 6.3
    SDRAM...64 MB
    memory (Map)...2 GB CFC
    memory (OS)...32 MB NOR Flash
    Graphic......Fujitsu Coral PA
    Map Update...DVD atapi
    User inteface.... Touch screen

    btw...local LG dealers say cant help, navteq (now they are HERE) cant help and QNX dont want to help
    so please, please, please can some one who know more about GPS OS and systems can help me ?