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Opel Touch & Connect Europe 2017

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  • Opel Touch & Connect Europe 2017

    Opel Touch & Connect Europe 2017


    1. Linux PC with integrated SD card reader (the ones on USB don't work). If you don't have Linux on your PC, you can download Ubuntu and run it from a bootable USB drive without installing:

    2. Samsung-manufactured microSD card which allows its CID to be changed. Made in Korea cards have a higher success rate than Made in Philippines cards. Examples:

    Samsung 16 GB (MB-MSBGA/EU)
    Samsung 32 GB (MB-MSBGA/EU)
    Samsung EVO 32 GB (MB-MP32DA)
    Samsung EVO 64 GB (MB-MP64DA)
    Samsung EVO+ 32 GB (MB-MC32DA)
    Samsung EVO+ 64 GB (MB-MC64DA)
    Samsung EVO+ 128 GB (MB-MC128DA)
    Samsung PRO 32 GB (MB-MG32EA)
    Samsung PRO 64 GB (MB-MG64EA)
    Samsung PRO+ 32 GB (MB-MD32D)
    Samsung PRO+ 64 GB (MB-MD64D)
    Transcend microSDHC 8GB (TS8GUSDHC6)

    To test if your SD card is suitable, enter this command in a Linux terminal window: ls -l /sys/block | grep mmc
    If you see mmcX:0001 (X can be 0,1,2 etc), then the CID can be changed. With mmcX:59b4 cards, many people reported that the tool said 'success', but after removing and reinserting the SD card, the CID was not changed.


    1. Use the tool change_CID to change the CID of the SD card.

    After you insert the SD, check under /dev and look for mmcblkX (X can be 0,1,2 etc). You can use the following command in a terminal window: ls /dev/mmcblk*

    In my case it's mmcblk0, run the application from the current folder in terminal:
    for 32-bit version use the command like this: sudo ./change_CID_32 /dev/mmcblk0 5D53424E32424D310129C7F4BD010ACF
    for 64-bit version use the command like this: sudo ./change_CID_64 /dev/mmcblk0 5D53424E32424D310129C7F4BD010ACF

    Remove and reinsert SD card to check the new CID. Use this command: cat /sys/block/mmcblk0/device/cid
    If the CID has been changed correctly, it should return 5D53424E32424D310129C7F4BD010ACF.

    2. Copy the folder cryptnav and the prod_info.txt in to the SD card.


    magnet for torrent:
    magnet:?xt=urn:btih:10F3C708377CA3DC68680469CF876A 0383D929B1&dn=opel%20touch%20and%20connect%202017& nnounce& 37%2fannounce

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    Hi, What is the tool change_CID? change_CID_64?


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      Hi,you must use Linux PC with integrated SD card reader.


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        In other words, what is the program that has to run linux to make the CID change? Where do I download the executable "change_CID_64"?


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          look here or



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            That is an old method and I already knew it, but it is not the method that you have described


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              I'm sorry try this


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                Hello klody, torrent not working


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                  Hi All !

                  magnet for torrent:... No does not work. Author repeat link. Maybe someone else can share. Please post the latest card and CID SD.


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                    Can someone help me with files for SD Card OPEL TOUCH&CONNECT Eastern Europe with cid?
                    Thank you