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Loses stereo - SMEG+IV2

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  • Loses stereo - SMEG+IV2

    My SMEG+IV2 had FM audio issue (mono sound and treble cut) since 6.3.C.R11. Upgraded to 6.3.D.R6 and then to 6.4.A.R10 without getting any benefits. Antenna cable/connection and JBL audio system are OK, SMEG+IV2 FM tuner works faulty due to firmware bug. Waiting to Peugeot to solve the problem since may 2017... Very angry....

    Some links:
    Italian Forum >
    Videos >
    After uploading the above 6.4 software ... to SMEG + IV2, unfortunately, in my opinion, the radio does not pick up pure stereo as it should, it rethinks as it sounds better with the channel family, but in most cases it is not. I have comparison to SMEG in Peugeot and it sounds much better there. Did anyone notice this problem in SMEG + IV2? and if there is a way to improve this stereo reception
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    Can anyone have information on how to repair SMEG + IV2 software by Magneti Marelli, which eliminates stereo loss on FM? it's been over a year.