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    I am total noob when it comes to navigation =) So please be kind this is my first post =)

    I have peugeot 607 (2003 2.2 HDI automatic) and i was wondering what vdo daytona system this car has and which maps i should download. The model has the bigger display not the monochrome one.

    I digged around this forum and googled the model but i couldnt find it.

    Sorry for the noobness and inconvinience.

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    Re: Peugeot 607

    The system in your car is a OEM version for PSA of the VDODayton MS5000 navigation

    The cd's to be used are so called Non C-IQ maps

    The last version 2009/2010 can be found here:

    Since this is OEM PEugeot equipment I moved your post to the Peugeot-Citroen section
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      Re: Peugeot 607

      Thanks for the info and sorry for wrong thread in wrong topic =) I shall go give it a try.

      Great job what you are doing here.

      Keep up the good work.