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Nissan Connect 1 V8 2017/2018

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  • Nissan Connect 1 V8 2017/2018


    A friend and I have compared (between the two) an SD Connect 1 V8 card (2017/2018).
    To clone it and have one each.
    I have already done it 2 years ago. Because I lost my original card. And I was able to make a clone grace to the original card that had my friend.
    But with this new Nissan card I have a problem.

    When I boot the laptop with Linux (ubuntu 16-10 64bit).
    I insert the new V8 card but I do not recognize the Ubuntu SD card.
    The drawing of the SD card on the desktop does not appear.
    Only this happens with the new Nissan V8 card.
    With all the other cards if the drawing of the SD card appears on the desktop.
    Also I get the drawing of the original old SD card (from 2011) of Nissan when I insert it.
    But with the new one no !!

    How do I get the CID if my laptop does not recognize the card?

    I hope help.

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    The card itself or you see the structure [partition, size, ect...] but cannot read from it? Do you try to mount it under Win [ 7 or 10 ] and use DiskInternals Linux Reader - it's very usefull to handle unknown partitions with well working [ away from driver's problems, mount points ect...] under Windows drives.


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      On my laptop with w7 if it recognizes the V8 card but with Ubuntu no.


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        Originally posted by cristobal7200 View Post
        On my laptop with w7 if it recognizes the V8 card but with Ubuntu no.
        Test DiskInternal tools - it can make / mount linux [and other partitions] and you can handle it like images - and do what you like


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          hey, could you give us a little tutorial on the way you use to clone the cards? thx


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            Please share the LCN1 V8 sd card and cid . Thanks