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  • Carminat TomTom 9.85

    do you have anyone please maps for carminat tomtom?
    Not LIVE or R-link....only TomTom
    Thank you

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    1. Update navcore to 8.842 [ if still isn't ] to original SD Card using TomTomHom2 [ or preffered by you way ].
    2. Download needed map [ Probably all Europe is good idea ] - 1005.8766 is from beginning of 2018, currently used are 1010.8895 or 1010.8897 or with corrected speed limits 1011.8978 or wait for expected 1015.xxxx .
    3. Take an empty SDHC 4 or better 8GB SD Card [or higher] at least class 6.
    4. Copy the content from the original SD Card without just the map folder to the new SD Card.
    5. Copy downloaded new map to your new SD card in its own folder.
    ! It's need to be just 1 level folder [ mean - folder Europe with files inside, not more folders ]
    6. Look in the loop directory there is a bif file. Copy this bif file to the root of SD Card.
    7. Copy latest FastActivate.exe to your SD Card (root)
    8. Run "FastActivate.exe".
    Select 2 and 3
    Insert the SD Card in your Carminat and wait to update. Everything must work.