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TNS 510 Toyota GPS system, HELP PLEASE......

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  • TNS 510 Toyota GPS system, HELP PLEASE......

    Sorry for the caps but i don't want to be misleading.

    So i purchased an SD card with the European 2017-2018 V1 map through Ebay, arrived all wel packaged so when i tried to update my Toyota radio it didn't work. Contacted the seller and he send me another card (same files) and that also didn't work. Started to get a bit frustrated and came to the conclusion that there have to be changed something in the file system. Nothing like a tutorial found or how to either. Seller says that there is nothing he can do (??) but didn't send me my money back either. So i have the original SD card with 20XX maps on it, outdated, and two "new" cards with the same software. I compared the three cards and the files are the same (names and extensions) only the dates are different. Read somewhere that the card from Toyota has an id that is paired with the radio (??) If that can be copied to the cards i have i would have my problem solved but i don't know what or where to copy. I already PM'd a user from here that has the V2 version but he only wants to sell not helping me explaining how to update. I am not going to buy a newer version if i don't know how to update. For now i've tried the disconnect battery for 5 min, insert card with out power and power up... Power up with new card inserted, copy **.KWI file from old "original" card to new card, etc. etc. So it's a European Toyota with a TNS510 GPS system. Please if anyone knows how to use the card i purchased and updating the radio send me some instructions or post them in response so it can help others.....

    Thanks in advance,


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    Help please???