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VDO MS4150RS odd problem: no navi-id, defective features

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  • VDO MS4150RS odd problem: no navi-id, defective features

    Hello everyone, I'm glad the forum is alive again.
    About 3 or 4 months ago I bought a used Vdo-Dayton MS4150RS/02mp3 radio. The seller told me that the radio is 100% OK but he couldn't chceck navigation since he's got no maps. Obviously it turned out that navigation seems to have a problem. Unfortunately I can't return the unit back. I would like to fix the problem because this model is very rare here.

    The problem is:
    - when I push Navi button I see a regular note (obey rules etc.) then I got an error: "One of more navigation features are defective". When pressing "?" I got "A system error has been detected. /.../ Contact service /.../"
    - menu of navigation section works fine except when going inside guidence or destination or via it says as above and doesn't allow me to get inside
    - tried to get into service menu - NAV - Settings - Service (put code 6330) - Read error store: it says: "No failure"
    - what is the oddest thing: entering C-IQ menu (get same error but i can get inside) - Navi-ID I get "NAVI ID: ????? ???" (8 question marks) pushing INITIAL ID I get "???-???- etc." (33 question marks)

    GPS itself seems to work fine - the clock is set correctly (in this model the only way for the clock to be working is to have GPS working) and SDVC works correctly even the speed signal is not yet connected.
    I've got the original software CD - MO4265SR which I've bought lately on ebay. After inserting the CD it starts to program the unit and after 25% asks to eject the CD, reinitiates and that's it, S/W is 6.50 but nothing helps.

    If anyone have any idea what can be the reason please help.

    Best regards, Greg

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    Re: VDO MS4150RS odd problem: no navi-id, defective features

    The EEPROM is defective
    The repair is rather expensive and is not worthwile. The seller probably kew this all along!
    You may dump the unit since it is not of any use.
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