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    Why do I need a SuperCode for my C-IQ-enabled navigation system?

    CIQ maps are no longer being supported by VDO / Continental as they changed their business model in April 2007.

    The SuperCode allows your C-IQ-enabled navigation system to become an unlimited use navigation system and allows the use of the updated SuperCode maps offered for sale in the NAVTEQ web store. The SuperCode only needs to be entered once into the navigation system. After entering it one time, the system will permanently be able to read SuperCode maps even when an updated map is inserted into the navigation system.

    Please note that the SuperCode and SuperCode maps are only compatible with the following C-IQ-enabled systems: MS/ PC 3200, 4140RS, 4150RS (MP3), 4200RS, 4300, 4400, 5400, 5500 (Pro), 5600, 5700 (Pro), MD41400, and Suzuki Navigation Devices.

    Where do I find the NAVI- ID of my navigation device?

    1. Enter Main Menu of your navigation device.
    2. Choose "C-IQ" option.

    If you have a navigation system with a colour screen:
    1.8-digit NAVI-ID is automatically displayed
    2.Note it down
    3. Make a note of the SW version in your unit. To be found in the Configuration Menu

    MS3200, 4250, 4140, 41400 and 4200RS require a SW version of 5.40 or higher
    MS5400/5500 must be running 09.50 SW

    If not compliant with the SW version first update the SW

    If you have navigation systems with a monochrome screen or a radio navigation device:
    1.Choose NAVI-ID option
    2.8-digit NAVI-ID is automatically displayed
    3.Note it down

    Go to this website to obtain the Supercode for your device
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