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RNS850 Europe V12 Navigation 6.26.1 Maps

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  • RNS850 Europe V12 Navigation 6.26.1 Maps

    RNS850 Europe V12 Navigation 6.26.1 Maps
    • Touareg (NF) 2011-2015
    • Touareg (NF-GP) 2015

    Update Instructions:
    Extract map and copy SD card (FAT32 formatt)
    SD card in slot 1 of your RNS850
    Press "PHONE" + "SETUP" for approx 3 seconds, engineering menu will popup
    Select actualization, select slot 1 with the maps-SD card
    Follow instructions.
    When process is finished reboot RNS850 (PHONE + center KNOB + NAV)
    Check in the engineering menu that You have new maps version 6.26.1
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    Its the same????


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      I would like to require to you help, where I realised of the update maps 2018 (through activation at the Green menu of the necessary defined user), after change of the symbol "?" at the VW ECE on the "Y" symbol, the my unit canĀ“t open of the navigation - I see only navigation activation without reaction.

      Thanks for your help, where can be a problem with it.