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RNS315 updating europe maps guidance

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  • RNS315 updating europe maps guidance

    Hi everyone,

    I have a vw passat with a RNS315 west Europe maps.
    I want to update my Europe maps.

    Is there anyone who can guide me. I have seen a lot of information about Ubuntu, sd card etc. I have tried Ubuntu but my card is not being showed as MMCBLK0.

    I have the maps wich have been used for rns310. If I am not wrong i can use the same maps for my RNS315.

    Can someone help me with updating the rns315 maps.

    Please guide me step by step how i can updates the maps.

    Thank you very much.

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    no you cant use maps from 310 to 315


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      Dear Chelno,

      thank you, now i have the right maps . Can anyone guide me step by step how to copy the maps to a sc card.


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 I not found in the rules that would be prohibited email here. If I'm wrong, do not be mad at me. Immediately delete it. sigpic