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  • rns510


    firstly i would like to thank everyone for the effort placing the forum online.

    i have an rns510 in the car but i want to install turkish language in it, is there a possibillity?
    i would also like to install the maps data for turkey, do i just need to download the map data place it on a memcard or are there additional steps needed? if yes please ad a link of how?

    i heared that its possible to install tomtom software on this device, but i cannot found any information how? could someone clear this out, if there is a way a tutorial would help.

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    Re: rns510

    If you really have a RNS510 in your car one would not expect a rather silly question how to update with an SD Card!
    The SD Card slot can only be used for Music Playback
    It would help if you took the owners manual first prior to asking these questions

    The RNS510 is a navigation unit with a Hard Disc that can also store the navigation maps present on a DVD
    Instructions how to proceed are in the manual

    There is no possibility for Turkish menus or spoken iinstructions.
    It is a sohisticated text to speech system which does not allow for Turkish

    There are no data for Turkey available for this navigation unit
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      Re: rns510

      in fact i have found the complete maps for Turkey, they are included in the Eastern Europe Maps, and function quite well.
      i thank you for your reply, and i just wanted to share it.
      i whas aware that its included in some Eastern Europe maps but did not know if it whas applicabable for all map data.

      thing is not that i am laisy to read the manual, but i found the manual not that simple to understand.
      even know when i enter the disk for the Eastern Europe maps it deletes the Western Europe data from storage, is there a work around?
      can i save all map data (Eastern and Western) simultaniously on the harddrive?

      Kind regards


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        Re: rns510

        If you use BMW maps, then you can have both eastern and western europe. The RNS-510 is only designed to use either one or the other.


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          Re: rns510

          what version of the bmw maps should i use?
          do i need to take any special action before burning or after to place them on de rns510?