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  • MFD East Europe Map(s)

    I would like to know if there are any Eastern Europe maps out there? Or if not maybe there could be countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus...
    I've searched the forum but i can't find any MFD Eastern maps.... I could also be mistaking about my navigation system, but anyways it looks like this : Also a question 510 maps won't work on MFD navigation system right? Also do i need to flash my system for it to work properly?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: MFD East Europe Map(s)

    You have an MFD that should be in a museum rather than in a car. It is a version A or B and was produced prior to 1999
    The last available updates for this system are 2007 editions of the TravelPilot Non-DX series.
    There never was coverage for Eastern Europe and there never will be since all support for this system was already discontinued in 2006!

    You do not rquire a flash of your system. The last update was from 1998

    There is absolutely no othe software that would be usable in this system.
    Take it out, find the nearest trash can and buy one ot the modern systems like Pioneer F10BT20BT or Kenwoods
    All questions should be directed through the forum
    Private messages will be disregarded