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RNS510 with Garmin Maps

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  • RNS510 with Garmin Maps

    Since it is possible to alter a BMW map for use on a VW RNS510, it is possible to do the same with an IMG file from Garmin Map Source ?

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    Re: RNS510 with Garmin Maps

    Please do not misinterpret the possibility you have noticed.
    BMW Professional and RNS510 are both units from Siemens VDO and are basically identical with regard to navigation software.
    That is why the databases are interchangeable to a certain extend.

    No other software will run on these units.
    And you should praise the lord since Garmin is really rubbish software based on US conditions and in fact unsuitable for European conditions.
    For example:
    If you plan a route and you select Avoid motorways, the system will do so but also avoid national roads and departmental roads
    Then you will end up with a extremely funny routeing advice!
    All questions should be directed through the forum
    Private messages will be disregarded


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      Re: RNS510 with Garmin Maps

      I was told that the maps for the RNS510 is from Tele Atlas


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        Re: RNS510 with Garmin Maps

        RNS-510 uses Navteq maps.