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Garmins SW and Maps on a Targa PNA-E3530

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  • Garmins SW and Maps on a Targa PNA-E3530

    Hi All,
    Been messing around with this all weekend for a friend of mine and I am stumpped.
    I have a Targa PNA-E3530 with WINCE 5.0 core and Sygic/Tele Atlas maps. The maps are 2008. This is a nice little unit so I want to update the maps for him. As I have a Garmin I was thinking of putting that on it for him and it would be then easier for me to update it for him as time goes on.

    My first question is, does the Targa need to be unlocked in anyway?
    Secondly, which Garmin SW should I use for such an old model. I have an old nuvi 200. Can I copy the Garmin folder from that one and put it on the Targa and then update the maps onto an sd card?

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.