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  • Convert gpi

    Hi all
    I hope someone can help me I have michalin green guide on my garmin 3490 but am unable to see it on device to navigate to a poi but when satnav connected to PC I can find it in poi folder but I am sure it was not in custom poi folder before last update so I would like to convert the michalin gpi file back to csv to reinstall it but I am not having any luck, the michalin file is large 277 mb.
    Any help to either suggest what the problem is or how I can convert would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance Dell

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    Re: Convert gpi

    Official Garmin poi are locked , so you can not convert them to csv. Unlocked .gpi files can be converted with GPS-Babel


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      Re: Convert gpi

      Hi Bielgeets
      Yes I know they are locked the only reason I wanted to convert it was that I can't see it anymore on device I was hoping I could unlock it and convert it .
      I think the latest software update is stopping me seeing it but I am not sure.