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  • Oregon 550/550T

    All about the Oregon 550...

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    re: Oregon 550/550T

    Nice Wiki


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      re: Oregon 550/550T

      Viewer to read meta-data from pictures taken from Oregon 550

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        Oregon 550T

        From what I have read here, I can not download maps from this site and use them is this correct? Due to there new software.


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          Re: Oregon 550t

          If you have not updated it may be able to.......what software version is in it now?


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            Oregon, 8gb sd card, and map segments

            Hi all,

            I've just gotten myself an 8gb card for my Oregon 550, however the unit refuses to see anything on the card - I've made the \Garmin subfolder and checked that it's formatted as Fat32, and none of my files are greater than 4gb (the largest is 1.3). Any ideas ?

            Also, assuming I do manage to get this working, or have to get a 4gb card, I've a question about map segments. I've read this on another thread ... "You only have to make sure that the amount of all maptiles (interior and sd-memory together) does not exceed 3500."

            Can I make sure that the amount doesn't exceed 3500 simply by disabling and enabling maps as required through Setup, or will I have to actually delete files or rename them to something other than .img ? I'm guessing disabling them will work. Also, I'm sure this is a newbie question, but just how do I find how many maptiles the maps have ?

            Thanks in advance for any tips, this is a wonderful forum for this sort of info, I've learned loads so far !


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              Re: Oregon, 8gb sd card, and map segments

              I can confirm that an 8Gb micro SDHC card works on my Oregon 400.

              Do you have the latest software/firmware for the gps?

              Have you used the windows 'safely remove hardware', or at least wait a couple of minutes after copying files to the card before disconnectiong?


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                help from a green beginer

                Well this is my first post and so sorry if the questions that I ask have all ready ask before I have a Garmin Oregon 550 this is my first ever GPS what I would like to no can I change the water/lakes river seas ect to blue no white the maps that are loaded are Garmin Topo Australia & New Zealand V3 and thanks heaps to the legend that uploaded them and second will this Oregon give me voice by voice turn not just beep beep thanks for your time "itsback" from the land down under


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                  Re: help from a green beginer

                  My 550T will shut down/crash from time to time without obvious reason. I don't know if there is any hardware issue. I assume it's because I loaded the city navigator North America 2014.30 downloaded from here. Anyone has similar issue?


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                    Re: help from a green beginer

                    camera bug with V6.40, while taking a picture, quickly press review button(before the new picture popup), then return to the camera mode from review. The camera will be disabled and you cannot go back to the main menu.