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GPSMAP 62/62CSx/62s/62st

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    re: GPSMAP 62st

    I heard there is a demo video. Does anyone know where i can find it on the web?



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      Registering Garmin 62s

      This may be a noob question but I have just purchase a 62s handheld and I would like to use garmins Birds eye view.
      To do so I must register my gps, would this create an issue when trying to use maps from this website?

      Also would I be better off just taking screenshots from google earth and loading those onto my device?

      Cheers all

      Greets to all my fellow NZ'rs here on the forums


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        Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

        Where can I find Mapsource 16.2 for free


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          Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

          browse in Garmin Open Tools & Tweaks
          Click "Like" or "Thanks" to show your appreciation rather than post "Thanks"...


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            Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

            Thank you you all.

            This unlock solution is work well on Thailand Street map V.11 NT or not ? I ask because , I have not Map62 right now. But i am going to buy on next month. If you have free time please testing for me , otherwise you just confirm to this solution.

            Thank you you all so much


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              SOS: *Broken screen of gpsmap 62s* :SOS

              Please help me,
              I have broken the screen of my gpsmap62.
              Is anyone know the type of the screen and where can i by one? (on line store ?)
              (i don't want to sent it to service)


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                GARMIN GPSMAP 62S

                I want to buy a new garmin gpsmap 62s and I would know if it is possible to have on it topofrance v2 or trekmap v2 (italia). I already have these maps unlocked in mapsource, but I read on several posts that, for new gps, it was difficult to transfer the unlocked maps to the gps.I actually have an old map 60 cs (without sd card) and I succeed with a few parts of maps. Please tell me if it's possible, and how to do?
                And so, I'll buy quickly the new gps.
                Thank's very much .


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                  Re: GARMIN GPSMAP 62S

                  Where do I find the file CNEUNT2011_20Update.msi referred to earlier in this thread for use in downloading/installing maps on 62s. Thanks.
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                    Re: GARMIN GPSMAP 62S

                    To all of you asking if this or that map works on the 62s the answer is they should. I have sucessfully unlocked and installed Europe Streets, UK Topo and UK OS Discoverer. I have used a mixture of methods, unlocking the maps before installation and adding a .unl file to the SD card.

                    The unit it self is excellent, has a good battery life and positioning is fast and very accurate. The down sides are the LCD screen resolution and un pocket friendly thickness. The unit takes a bit of getting used to and a while to get the profiles set to your liking. I would be sceptical of the water proof claims Garmin make. It probably would survive total immersion for a short period of time but I would not be confident of it resisting prolonged wetness out on a trek.

                    I primarily use it for geocaching and it is much more practical practical but not as pretty as an android phone.

                    The unit will support .img files not names gpssupp.img so multiple separate maps can be installed. I have found that installing multiple maps into gpssupp.img causes issues getting the right map at the right zoom level so separate .img is recommended to allow each map to be enabled or disabled.


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                      GPSMAP 62/62CSx/62s/62st

                      i'm looking for a unit to supplement the use of NRoute and Mapsource on a Laptop for a long trip round the world. We will be off for two years so need lots of maps which i can put on the units from the laptop or have pre-writte SD cards to put in the units.

                      Cost is a factor so which one should i go for ? Are there any features i'm missing as they both seem to do similar things.

                      We will be using track logs and Maps4Africa and all sort of stuff like OSM and Velo maps to supplement. Are these two the cheapest ones that are suitable. I've even looked at the Nuvi. I currently have a GPS4 !


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                        62S user wondering is it worth getting a Nuvi ???

                        OK so i got myself a 62S and a 8GB memory card. Put on a shed load of maps and renamed the all to different names. Everything working fine. Read all the tutorials and figured out how to unlock maps and transfer them the the unit. Figured out how to put the same maps on mapsource and also how to run Nroute on a Laptop with a GPS USB receiver off Ebay. So thanks for all the pointers guys. Everything is OK.
                        1. should City Maps be fully routable on the 62S and by that i mean turn by turn directions ? or does the 62S not work like this
                        2. if i buy a Nuvi will i be able to load up maps in the same way and then use full turn by turn on it?
                        3. which Nuvi should i get if i need one at all ?? Lots of storage for loads of Maps. I'm planning on driving across three continents.....!

                        The reason i got the 62S is i need to be able to follow maps and keep track logs of the journey. I also needed something more reliable than a laptop for doing this as the temperature in the car can be way over 40c and possibly 50c with no aircon. The laptop is likely to explode. So the 62S will be fine and so should a Nuvi. Laptops rarely go over 35c without goign wrong. Garmins are rated to 70c

                        Thanks Again guys. Your posts have helped me save a shed load of money by use free maps that i didn't even know existed for places i'm yet to visit !


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                          Re: GARMIN GPSMAP 62S

                          Little question, I'm having a nightmare doing a search through POI's, If I enable only one map in the active profile, does it also go look through all the other installed maps for the POI?
                          I may need to remove / rename some of the maps if that is case, I've got 8 different maps loaded in there (different renamed .img files)...
                          Any tips/recommendations?
                          So happy I got this unit instead of the pre-loaded 62st version.


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                            Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

                            Thanks for sharing


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                              Re: 62S user wondering is it worth getting a Nuvi ???

                              A local big box chain has the 5" 1450 on sale $119 w/o LMT. I had one for a short time and really liked the bigger screen. This may make a good companion to the 62s. The 1450 is fairly feature rich.


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                                Re: GPSMAP 62 S Can't unlock CNNA 2011.1

                                Just bought a gpsmap 62sc and installed different maps, with different names (with .img extension).
                                Changing the profile from Automotive to Recreational is no problem (or certain other choices) but changing a second time is impossible. I am getting an empty screen not even mentioning which profile is active. After restarting my gps, all is oké. Which profile is selected is shown and I can change to an other profile again. But depending on which profile I choose the same problem occures. (Restart and it's oké again).
                                This problem occurs with the following profiles:
                                The other profiles are working fine also changing back and forth between those profiles is no problem.
                                This is the second gpsmap 62 sc I have and both had/have the same problems, which started to occur after putting the (unlocked) charts on the gps.
                                (A webupdate on the gps didn't solve or change anything.)

                                Are more having this strange problem?
                                What could be wrong?
                                Does anyone know a sollution?

                                Thank anyway.
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